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Frequently Asked Questions

Do i need planning permission?

Not in most cases. Under permitted development rights you are able to construct a garden room providing it does not exceed more than 50% of the original garden space. The garden room must have a maximum eaves height of 2.5m with an overall height of 3m for a mono pitched roof or 4m overall height for a duo pitched roof. Additional advice available.

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Is condensation really a problem with other roof systems?

Yes, condensation build up within the roof structure can cause you endless problems down the line such as damp patches, leaks and plasterboard cracking. Our wooden structure combined with our exceptional thermal performance can be sure to put your mind
at ease.

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Will my new Warmer Room feel dark inside?

No, your Warmer Room will feel bright and airy. Adding extra window options will help add natural light into your room. Adding internal spot lights will add light and also make your garden room feel like part of your home.

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Will my new Warmer Room withstand strong weather conditions?

Yes, your Warmer Room will withstand extreme weather conditions due to its durable foundation system and robust structure.

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Can i make the appearance of my new Warmer Room blend in with my house?

Absolutely, you can customise your Warmer Room with a range of tile options, fascia, soffits and brick borders to match the colours of your
house. You can even choose a cladding that will complement the colours in your garden.

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What will the temperature be like inside my Warmer Room?

Due to the high performing multi layer insulation, your Warmer Room will retain heat during the winter and be cool during the summer, saving you money on energy bills.

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Will my new Warmer Room eliminate external noise from inside.

Your Warmer Room will substantially reduce external noise especially as the roof insulation itself has acoustic performance properties. This considerable noise reduction will allow you to be more relaxed especially during inclement weather.

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Do I need building control approval?

Building control approval is not normally required however please check with your local council for their planning guidelines.

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