5 ways to make the light work for you in your new Extension

So you’ve considered adding roof windows to your extension, meaning your new space has added daylight and ventilation. Fantastic! The next step is considering how you control that light, when you want and how you want.

VELUX blinds and shutters are incredibly quick and easy to install to your roof windows and come in a massive range of sizes, styles and colours. Let’s take a look at the blinds options that are perfect for your extension…

Heat Control

If you are installing or have installed VELUX roof windows to a pitched roof extension, it may be you want to control the amount of heat entering your new space.

Perfect for living room, dining room or bedroom extensions, VELUX awning blinds are fitted on the outside (but are easily fitted from inside) of your roof windows. These transparent blinds allow you to enjoy the benefits of daylight while blocking the sun’s rays before they hit the window pane. This gives you another way to control the indoor climate and temperature of your new space, giving it a pleasant and healthy environment.

* VELUX awning blinds are available in manual, solar powered operation (for use with solar or manual powered windows) or electric (with use with VELUX INTEGRA® electric roof windows).

Kitchen Pitched Roof Island

Humid Environments

If building an extension where you anticipate a lot of humidity such as a kitchen extension where cooking produces a lot of steam, we have the blind for you! VELUX Venetian blinds are moisture resistant and very easy to clean.

With no unsightly cords hanging down, simply tilt the slats in the direction and adjust the angle for absolute daylight control in your extension.

*Out of reach? No problem! VELUX Venetian blinds come with an electric control pad option, meaning you can control the daylight in your extension at the touch of a button!


Energy Efficient

If you want to use your extension as a quiet space for reading or watching television, glare reduction can be important. VELUX blackout energy blinds can be positioned anywhere on the VELUX roof window. This means they can block the sun from your extension without sacrificing the daylight, or be fully drawn to block out daylight completely.

The blackout energy blind also insulates your home when drawn, offering you a very versatile and energy efficient way of controlling the daylight in your home. Available in many patterns and colours you can easily find a blackout blind that will suit the interior of your new space!

Sip Extension Guardian Roof Berkshire

From sun room to cinema room

Turn your sun room into a cinema room with a total light proofing seal. These blinds come manually operated, solar powered or electrically operated with the VELUX INTEGRA® control pad – perfect for out-of-reach situations.

Living Room Extension

Flat Roof

Just because you have a flat roof window in your extension doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have control over the daylight entering your extension. VELUX blinds and shutters come with a range of blinds for your new space.

Awning blinds – also available for flat roof windows, the VELUX awning blinds are fitted between the roof window and the dome to your roof window to allow the light to stream in but block unwanted heat.

Pleated blinds – perfect for softening incoming daylight and adding a decorative touch, pleated blinds are easy to open and close with our handy control pad. Available in a range of colours to match the interior of your extension.

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